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Bemani Puns
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The laughingstock of the world strikes again! taren_, with inspiration from gametechchris, has created an LJ where Bemani fans can unite and post pictures of their favorite Bemani puns.

What is a "pun"?
A pun is when the name of a song on a Bemani game appears in normal use in regular life. For example, if you have a Physics or Chemistry class, odds are you take a LAB with it. Or you could be riding along on the highway and spot SAKURA on the side of a building. Most puns come from posters, billboards, and signs.

How do I submit a pun to the pun community?
Get a totally awesome picture of the song in question. References to artist names are also acceptable, especially for obscure songs. Yelling "GET IT?!!?!1?" is optional, but does add to the whole overall lame cheesy effect.

Laughingstock of the world?

The original Pun Page can be found here. It is very out of date.
The pun thread on AIJ can be found here. It gets revived every once in a while. Pictures posted in the first couple of pages also appear on the Pun Page.